Origin of the Name: "He (Aaron Bondaroff) wanted to do a brand called 'A New York Thing' and I told him I would process it and come up with something, but I wanted him to think about my thing. I wanted to do something about feet, like under feet, since it was about sneakers. I gave him "aNYthing" and he said to me "What about Defeeted?" And I said "No, it's good. But it's a negative thing." I wanted something more positive. What about Undefeeted? And we spelled it with an F-E-E, and that's how it went down. But we went with the F-E-A to not sound so literal, and then we felt we could also do a brand with it. If we kept it Undefeeted, then it would be hard for people to take it seriously as a clothing brand. That's how that went down, true story." - Eddie Cruz

There aren't many people who represent the street scene like Aaron Bondaroff in NY and Eddie Cruz in LA. Both pivotal members of the whole streetwear movement, working together to create two of the greatest brands around.