Remember when you couldn’t always tell if The Sartorialist took a photo of a homeless dude or just an extravagantly wealthy dude in some European country? Well, if you remember our previous discussions about Esemplare, you’d realize that they make the best eccentric billionaire slash homeless looking ass dude clothes in the world. This fishtail parka is 100% extra fine merino virgin wool, which means it's actually maybe a sweater. You can layer this under (GASP!) or over a whole bunch of other gear to perfect whatever kinda steez you're tryna holler at. Also, you’ll look so fucking cool when you run outside to grab the paper in jeans (boring), a T-shirt (boring) and then this (not boring). Wait, do people still run outside to grab the paper? Okay, you’ll look so cool when you casually walk into your local café after a long night of partying at The Polo Lounge. Wait, do you even party at The Polo Lounge or just eat Spaghetti Bolognese? ARE RICH PEOPLE’S LIVES EVEN REMOTELY LIKE A DRAKE ALBUM OR AM I COMPLETELY OFF BASE HERE?