40oz NYC’s snapbacks have been all the rage ever since 40oz Van and Diego released the first set this past summer. Inspired by high fashion houses like Balmain and Givenchy, the hats are dope and we've seen them on heads everywhere in NYC. Van, the young entrepreneur and Tumblr favorite, paid a stop at NYC’s Power 105.1 to talk about user-submitted nudes, snapbacks, and his next moves.

While DJ Envy is more interested about the NSFW site, Van reveals he just made racks, racks, and more racks on his recent accessories venture. Let’s just say he killed it. First round of hats made $12k, second round made $24k, and the last limited release made $70k, with each release limited to a 12-hour timespan. It sure beats working at Banana Republic. 

[via karencivil]