Moving from the D.C. area to Des Moines, Iowa eight years ago was one of the greatest decisions I could've ever made in my entire life. I got a good education, found the love of my life and I'm one of the most dapper dudes around. I know that. All these dudes here know that. It's just fact. But a lot of the times, my eccentric style isn't what draws people's attention; it's the fact that I am a black male dressing eccentrically in a predominately white male dressing ugly as fuck area. If I'm headed to a party or a bar, best believe I'm the lone black-face in the entire joint, but I've grown accustomed to it and it isn't something I've put any real thought into, until recently. And thus, we begin The Token Black Guy Chronicles.

The Luigi Bianchi Mantova experience made the trip from Italy to little ol' Des Moines, Iowa where Badowers held a trunkshow for all the rich ass dudes in town to get bespoke'd out and make it rain in a very professional, very organized manner. Needless to say, I didn't necessarily fit in with this crowd because I'm both broke and the proud owner of wild melanin levels compared to these cats. But, my bros in the shop wanted me to come through and shoot, so they made me an honorary guest and hooked me up with a custom LBM double-breasted jacket to make me feel like I belonged. However, the way the night played out might have set me back years and years of sprezz. Click the images above to join me on my magical inaugural journey.