You know the people — your friends, celebrities, or random Internet peeps; everyone thinks they're a "curator" these days. The term "curator" has its roots in art, and FYI, it means to be a "keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection." Nowadays, having a Tumblr, Twitter, or Pinterest account makes people feel deserving of the title, simply out of an ability to create a glorified mood board. 

This week's October 8, 2012 New Yorker cartoon shows a guy telling a girl that he "curates children's parties." The lady looks a little concerned, if not also ready to flee the scenario to find a normal dude. 

We'll let you reevaluate what you consider "curation" in these crazy times, but not without an ingenious tweet from Complex's own Paul Cantor last May, reflecting how far people have taken this:

[via Hyperallergic]

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