In light of recent findings regarding literal and figurative Italian shadiness I think Randolph Engineering and its made in the USA cache should be positioned in contrast to this other monolithically bullshit institution. Made in the USA is a quality that might not be as hot as it was three years ago, but at least RE is actually MADE IN THE FUCKING USA by Americans, along with courage, honor and Budweiser, instead of brands like Ray-Ban that just try to market themselves as All-American via evil European conglomerates that should only exist in James Bond movies, not real fucking life.

There are a few brave men who would never wear a pair of sunglasses because they saw Tom Cruise sporting a pair while stroking his Goose, or because they saw Tom Cruise wearing a pair while dancing in his drawers. What the fuck?! Those who care about justice, women, whiskey and eradicating evil from the world don’t need to copy an objectively short Scientologist. No, they choose their own shit for all the right reasons, which is why they wear Randolph Engineering. Above are three great American heroes wearing RE. If your morals lie in the same arena as theirs, then maybe you’d agree with their preferred optical decisions. Basically, if it’s quality enough TO BE STANDARD ISSUE FOR THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE US MILITARY then why would you settle for anything less? Fucking idiots.