Location: Berlin
Notable Businesses: Firmament, East Side Gallery, Michelburger Hotel, Civilist, WürgeengelSoto Store, Devil's Kitchen and Bar

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, students and artists began to move into the area because the rent was cheap. And we know how that goes—students and artists are the ones who dictate style from the ground up. One of the best sneaker and streetwear shops, Firmament, is located in Berlin. That's where cool guys go for hard-to-find Nikes and cult brands like White Mountaineering. You can also find quality shops like Civilist and Soto Store nearby, who readily stock enviable gear from Adam Kimmel, Kitsuné, and Raised By Wolves. A diverse selection and carefully-edited buys are what make this area one of the streetwear shopping capitals of the world. The neighborhood's most impressive feature, hands down, is the East Side Gallery. Created in 1990, it is a 1.3 km long section on the east side of the Berlin Wall that has been turned into a work of art and international freedom memorial. It features 105 paintings by artists from all over, and might be the largest long-lasting open air art gallery in the world.