What They're Buying: The Entire Lifestyle

By day, she works as an accountant for a company that manufactures safety scissors. She goes home to her schlub of a boyfriend, who'd rather spend his nights in front of the television than reading first-edition copies of Steinbeck. But oh, when she goes online, she too disappears in her own world, and it is wonderful. Here, there are no numbers to crunch, only color blocked sweaters, sequined ballet flats, and ruffled tops that let really let her get her shine on. Why can't she live inside this wonderful bubble of style forever? Why does she always have to return to her humdrum life after she buys everything in her cart? And her man, he doesn't understand. But she will make him. He will shimmy into the pair of 484 jeans she just bought for him, and pair them with a secret-wash plaid shirt, shawl collar cardigan, three scarves, and vibram-soled boots. No, he still probably won't chop wood for a fire or eat only what he kills. But he might look like it. And for her... that is close enough.