Hungarian Polish artist DWANE has spent his career in graffiti exploring the potential of opening new contextual possibilities for tagging. He's a member of the notorious Vandals in Motion, who took over Gothenburg, Sweden in the mid '80s. 30 years later, DWANE is at Skalitzers Contemporary Art showing an abstract vision of reality and participating in the 5th show of the gallery's Fine Lines series (which explores tagging within contemporary art).

"This process eradicates the very essence of tagging, leaving no name to read and no typographic code to decipher, says DWANE, "A process of 'anti graffiti' painting utilizing the most essential means of creating your graffiti identity and visual statement while destroying it at the same time."

Writing My Name Until it Matters opens on November 10 and will run through December 8 in Berlin.

Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Revaler Straße 99, Tor 4, Friedrichshain, Berlin