The Guardian recently got Shepard Fairey to explain eight of his most influential, iconic artworks in his own words. Despite having been more quiet during this year's presidential election, Fairey's Hope poster was undoubtedly the defining artwork of the 2008 election. He explains Hope in addition to seven other politically-charged pieces, which also includes his 2012 Love is the Drug piece. Of that work, he says:

"Love is the Drug is inspired by the title of the Roxy Music song. I’m filtering it through the Orwellian definition of love, which is hate. If you look at the comments on every blog, there’s a lot of hate out there. People love to hate. So I’m really saying that hate is the drug. As much as I love people, it seems that the natural state of things is anger and jealousy and chaos.”

View the rest on the Guardian.

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[via Guardian]