Quality of Life recently opened at Damon Dash's new creative gallery, Poppington, in the Lower East Side. In an exclusive interview with participating artists Sabio, Beau, Phil & JIM JOE, we were able to gain some insight and perspective behind the inception of this monumental group show. The cast of celebrated misfits opened last Thursday's reception with apparent success as crowds gathered outside the gallery's doors more than an hour before the show was scheduled to begin. Complex was one of the nearly two hundred gallery attendees who walked away from the evening impressed by David Barnett & David Chang's curation of works from Katsu, Sabio, Pixote, Beau, JIM JOE, Phil & Womp.

If you're bummed you missed the opening night of Quality of Life, the exhibition will be on display through October 25 at the Popington space located on 60 Orchard St in NYC. Stop by from 12pm - 8pm to see the reaming pieces left from the show, and continue for a full gallery recap of our own. 

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