The Complex 40 is where we share 20 things we're big-upping right now, and 20 things we can't stand—say it with us: Props Over HereFuck Outta Here. Check out this week's ups and downs below.

Props Over Here 

1. Silently farting on a crowded subway then looking around shaking your head like, "You savages!"
2. The evolution of Gucci Mane's belly
3. A Notre Dame-Miami game with juice for the first time in two decades
4. FIFA '13
5. Laughing at people who don't know how to spell "public"
6. Discovering crazy-old music that you would've liked for decades if only you'd known
7. Delonte West on Twitter
8. Putting shampoo all over your face because your brain doesn't work in the morning
9. Still being able to drink iced-coffee in the middle of October
10. People who are so weird that you actually feel normal in comparison
11. Getting camo gear from an actual army surplus store instead of a boutique
12. Friday evening happy hours in the office
13. Staying at a girl's house because her bathroom is cleaner than yours
14. "Birthday Song" being 10 times better than the other "Birthday Song"
15. Judging girls by their shoe game
16. Rick Ross' conversion. Mazel tov!
17. "Rear gear" for dogs so they don't walk around flaunting their buttholes
18. The Wire. Still.
19. Knowing who designed your favorite sneakers
20. Those rare occasions when autocorrect actually fixes your mistakes and simplifies your digital life 

F**k Outta Here

1. People texting/tweeting the results of your team's game when you're DVR-ing to watch later
2. Beer companies adding mad fruits to fall beers like they're cocktails
3. Nauseating hookups
4. Hidden toothpicks in club sandwiches
5. People tweeting that they don't care about Rihanna and Chris Brown when they're tweeting about Rihanna and Chris Brown 
6. When you're staring at a woman like a Tier 1 creep and she doesn't even look your way once
7. Basing permanent style choices based on your love of Lord of the Rings
8. Free trials that don't remind you when your trial is up, then charge you for it
9. Sitting through a 30-second ad on YouTube to watch a RiFF RAFF freestyle
10. When autocorrect misspells your girl's name on a text and she thinks you're cheating on her
11. Being too drunk to read on the subway
12. Vlogs starring Gunplay
13. When you see cool shoes on Instagram and they turn out to be Louboutins out of your price range
14. People who leave half-eaten food in the fridge at work
15. Ugly girls who take selfies
16. Weed carriers who fight your battles
17. People who say "I love my job!" when they don't actually have a job
18. Finding out your girl is a thirstbucket who flirts with other dudes in front of you
19. Still saying YOLO
20. When you get into a battle with autocorrect, forcing you to retype the same word over and over like it has a vendetta