The Complex 40 is where we share 20 things we're big-upping right now, and 20 things we can't stand—say it with us: Props Over HereFuck Outta Here. Check out this week's ups and downs below.

Props Over Here

1. Childhood nostalgia subconsciously inspiring your style 
2. "Binders Full of Women." 
3. Instant wins on McDonald's Monopoly
4. Edible wrappers on free ice cream sandwiches
5. Being so spoiled you refuse to eat mashed potatoes unless it has truffle oil in it
6. Tyler Perry branching out with his movie roles 
7. White people who know how to self-censor the n-word when singing along to rap songs
8. Candy corn in all its forms
9. Wearing sweatpants to work
10. Designer T-shirts inspired by Chief Keef
11. RTs from celebs with more than 20 million twitter followers
12. Skipping that long ass line in a Walgreens and having the camera counter check you out
13. Classic sneakers in classic colorways that aren't "exclusives"
14. The feeling you get when you get your e-mail inbox down to zero
15. Dark shirts easily hiding coffee stains
16. Romnesia
17. Nicki Minaj and Cassie dancing on each other
18. Using scotch tape to remove lint off your wool varsity
19. Putting in that extra bit of effort to make a pair of sneakers truly yours: 
20. Making your own killer guacamole right at the table and eating it while the lime juice is still on your fingertips

F**k Outta Here

1. Drivers trying to turn all aggressively and kill you even though you have the walk signal
2. "Binders Full of Women." 
3. Midlife crisis Twitpics
4. Having a full signal and "4G" but still not being able to do shit that involves the Internet
5. Groups of slow-ass people who block your path like a rolling roadblock
6. Spilling coffee on your (new) white tee in the a.m. and not realizing it until the end of the day
7. Professional baseball players displaying in-game thirst
8. Talking loud and saying nothing
9. People not flushing their shit down the toilet in the public bathroom 
10. When you know your friend is bad luck at the blackjack table but he keeps coming around
11. $30 credit card minimums at douchey bars
12. Truffle oil
13. Hot girls who constantly complain about getting hit on in social situations
14. Accidentally pairing raw denim with white sneakers and getting baby blue midsoles.
15. Sweating when you eat spicy food because it makes you look weak
16. When the cable guy shows up at the last minute of the three hour time window
17. Not being able to drink Squeez-Its ever again
18. Obnoxiously name dropping in casual group conversations
19. Not responding to hate
20. That green goo in a plastic bag that people have the nerve to call "avocado"

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