Somewhere between jeans and khakis, there is a sweet spot: pants that are a cut above denim but miles from hum-drum business-casual office wear. The Dockers® Alpha Khakis are those pants. Like any middle child in a family, they are always striving to be different, to stand out from their time-honored siblings. Rooted in a tradition fostered over years of crafting and design, they are at the same time different enough to set you apart from others, bold enough to alter the status quo and make their mark on the world. Distinctive, radical, and stylish, the Alpha Khaki is the first of a new generation of pants for the next generation of men. Combining a slim, tapered fit with a rugged construction that emulates a jeans sensibility, Dockers® has liberated khakis. These are not your dad’s trousers--though don't be surprised if mom is encouraging him to buy a pair after seeing you in them.

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