Nope, this isn’t your typical “Made in America” collection. That label is normally associated with denim and workwear collections, but designer Kyle Svendsen’s debut Spring/Summer 2013 women’s collection is out of left field. The Colorado-born designer says he “idolized inner-city culture” and “wanted to do something that [he] strongly believe[s] in" which led to a collection featuring colors of the Bloods and Crips. 

The paisley trend is hot right now and other designers clearly pull inspiration from elsewhere though gang-associated colors may appear by coincidence, but Svedsen states exactly what his colors mean. Svedsen defended his downtown L.A. debut by saying his “inspiration is from listening to 90s southern Californian hip-hop” and that no way is the collection insensitive. However, according to Racked L.A., there are pieces in the collection that feature bullets and gun holster prints, so we think otherwise. Someone help this guy, he’s a little lost. 

[via huffingtonpost]