It's absolutely inconceivable that Massimo Dutti's first store in the United States opened last week with absolutely zero fanfare among the menswear community. It's almost blasphemous. They've been open for a full five days and I've yet to hear any Internet-important person mention their grand opening. But that's alright because we're pretty important and we're here to drop some knowledge on any and all peons. You may have heard of Massimo Dutti because they're owned by Inditex, parent of Zara. Unlike Zara, their clothes are considerably better in terms of quality and materials and style points. Think of them as Spain's Banana Republic to our Gap. To mark their U.S. debut and launch of their new online store, they created the limited edition 689 5th Avenue Collection, a tribute to NYC style. You can shop the collection online and at the New York store located at 689 5th Avenue.

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