You Have Broken The Internet

How I Got Started: "For me, photography started in 7th grade when I was lucky enough to have classes with a darkroom and access to cameras. Shooting and processing film at an early age made me fall in love with the act of capturing a moment. As my photography has changed, grown, and now switched to mostly digital, I still think that the underlying skills I picked up at an early age helped shape the way I shoot and compose shots."

Tip to Get Started: "One tip that I've learned and adapted to my shooting is to remember what's not in the photograph often speaks more than the subject. What I mean by that is remember to look for things when composing a shot that will often ruin the focus on the subject. Too many people, a busy background, trash, etc. Those things throw off the overall look of a shot and even if your model or street style dude is taking the perfect drag off his cigarette, if there is a homeless dude sleeping behind him, the shot's going to look like shit. Or—well—maybe awesome."