How I Got Started: "I started in photography out of necessity. I'm a writer and was working on a book that was to include photos; random shots in the street, nothing fashion related. I ran into a few photographers, but quickly realized no one is going to have your level of passion for your project. So, I was forced into doing it myself.  Street style came about maybe two years later when I saw some images in a magazine and felt no one was capturing what I wanted to see, so instead of complaining, I picked up my camera and decided to shoot. I wanted to capture style, not fashion, as it related to my own personal style." 

Tip to Getting Started: "The one tip I give to those looking to get into photography is to have an idea of the niche you want to be in. The market is already saturated with good, mediocre, and bad photographers. Decide if you want to focus on fashion, portraits, architecture, etc., then find a specific niche within that field. No one wants another street style blog that shoots everything. If you decide to shoot street style, narrow it down as much as possible. Don't just shoot men; shoot men with bow-ties, or men with great kicks. The point is to carve out your own niche, otherwise you'll be second best in a niche that's already established. I focused on men when everyone was shooting men and women. The point is find what you're good at and master it."