Christelle DeCastro

Freelance Photographer and Art Director

Rule: Forget about instant gratification. Set your goals high, and bust your ass all the way to the top.

"Don't be too proud to pick up odd jobs or weird photo gigs if you're still trying to get on your feet. To be truly freelance and completely independent, you need to hustle. If that means giving up your apartment for a cheap room, working doubles, selling that box of clothes you forgot about anyway, and sticking to a daily spending budget, DO IT—it will all be worth it. Those little (and big) sacrifices will shift your career path toward an upward change. And while you're at it, be open to a slow progression. Don't beat yourself up if things aren't panning out as quickly or as perfectly as you imagined. Have faith that your hard work will pay off in its own time.

To make it in New York is a privilege. Stay up and earn your keep."

Website / @xxxtelle