Street culture has always had a lasting relationship with aspirational brands. Whether it's Chanel, Polo, or Louis Vuitton, there have been countless parodical takes on fashion houses—not done out of any malicious intent, but rather as a way for people to re-interpret these high-fashion brands in a self-aware context. These days, it seems there's a critical mass of these sorts of items, and they're not always done in a smart, funny, or thought-provoking manner.

The line between clever homage and straight-up copyright infringement lies in how the brand in question is being flipped, sampled, or made fun of. Is there a marriage of a hip-hop reference as well? Is what's being offered giving a different point-of-view or relevancy to what's being parodied? We took a look at some of the better items out there that are subtle in their interpretation, or funny in their execution. Here are The Best Fashion Parody Items Right Now.

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