FWK by Engineered Garments is how my dream girl dresses on most days. Super casual and layered up with those fancy ass fabrics. You’ve seen the men’s version of this wool Herringbone vest in a bunch of EG looks, but you gotta admit that shit always looks better on a femalien. And your boo's always cold, isn’t she? Inevitably you give her your oversized grail piece and then worry constantly that she may spill her frozen yogurt smoothie all over it. Girl, don’t do it. Don’t tempt me into breaking up with you for staining my Thom Browne. So get this vest for your special lady for no reason because if you’re anything like me it’ll be way better than the last gift you got her for no reason. My idea of the ultimate gift? A mix CD that opened and closed with "Motorcycle Drive By". I know, I know, my dating game was unfuckwitable back in the day. Lace your girl in that FWK finery with the help of Arrow and Arrow.