It's great that fashion and style have achieved a new kind of relevance for the modern man. Besides the guys with a penchant for dressing to the nines in double-breasted suits, benchmade shoes, and precisely tailored trousers, you've also got the more casual guy mixing in high-end fashion brands with snapbacks and streetwear. Hell, even basics like hoodies, sweatpants, and graphic tees have been done up by designers like Riccardo Tisci, Alexander Wang, and Rick Owens.

And you can't deny that a lot of these more flamboyant menswear patterns—floral, leopard prints, and polka dots, have long had their place in womenswear. But beyond Kanye West wearing a women's Céline tunic at Coachella and Lil Wayne rocking jeggings at the VMAs, it seems some men are simply getting too carried away with this shit. The key to a well-dressed man is just enough subtlety—no guy ever wants to scream "fashion" with a capital F. Some trends should just stay in your girl's closet. Be wary of these 10 Womenswear Trends Men Should Never Touch.

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