This Mission Workshop bag is like a LEGO set the way you can just keep building onto it. Do you guys remember K’Nex? Yeah, I didn’t really fuck with them either, but shout out to lesser known brands who tried to fuck with LEGO's crown. The bag itself is called the R2 Arkiv Field Pack, which makes me think it will beep and hack into computer systems to keep the trash compactor from killing me, but what that fancy ass name means is that it comes with, like, a hipster MOLLE system. The bag can be worn on both shoulders or, with a quick adjustment, over the shoulder. It can be used as a roll top or with the flap down, depending on how you like it, sailor. I don’t really know how necessary all this detail is, but, fuck it—the bag will look mad smooth in your humble brag airport Instagram that's captioned “LGA-->LAX” because you're a dick.