Every morning across the United States, Japan and other places that aren’t Libya, young men awaken from their peaceful slumber, pull on their carefully worn Levi's, pomade the shit out of their hair and otherwise pray at the sartorial altar of James Dean. Others channel Paul Newman, blue eyes twinkling in a pair of crisp khakis, while some favor Steve McQueen. Maybe even Kanye West or Bob Dylan or, shit, I don’t know, the free-spirited father on My Two Dads, who seems to inspire a particular subset of young men residing in Chelsea. With maybe the exception of that last one, these well-trodden icons of men’s style are a little tired for anyone looking for that next level steez I hear all of the kids talking about these days.

But do we really need celebrities and dead people to tell us how to dress? Why not look a little closer to home the next time you try to bite someone’s style? Style can be found in unexpected places as you go about your day, you just need to know where to look. Hint: EVERYWHERE!

Steve Dool is a writer based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter.

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