You don’t have a fishtail parka? YOU DON’T HAVE A FISHTAIL PARKA?! I thought you were all about style not fashion, bruh. Not only am I disappointed, I’m angry too. The only way to placate me and my baseless standards? Buy this Caliroots x Universal Works limited edition Mod Parka. It’s got all the right details—a faux fur hood with adjustable wire reinforcement (it’d be cooler if it was coyote fur like the OG snorkels parkas, but then your vegan friends would get all offended despite the fact that their cellphones and laptops use batteries that require mining and toxic chemicals and a disproportionate amount of Chile’s drinking water), a removable liner and pile-lined hand warmers. You will look like an authentic mod whilst wearing this jacket even though you have no idea what a mod is and just wanted a really cool jacket. THE MOD REVIVAL IS HERE!

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