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There isn’t much that excites me anymore because I am a horrible person with a tiny black heart that makes the Grinch look like Mother Teresa. With that said, I introduce to you one of the first things that have made me prematurely ejaculate in a while, Liberty of London's fall scarf collection. I mean, I can’t even put into words how beautiful these things are. This is the only accessory that can give me butterflies in my stomach like the girl I’ve been Facebook stalking for the past 8 months. Every, single, goddamn one of these scarves is so on point my medulla oblongata can’t even comprehend what the fuck is going on. I just stare at these things and babble on an on incoherently confusing those around me. Looking this fly will comes at a price though—95 English Pounds to 325 English Pounds to be exact. The fuck do I look like? Convert that shit on your own, my guy.