3. Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Rental

Price: $43.5 million

Location: Bridgehampton, NY

Square Footage: 26,500 Sq Ft.

The reigning music power couple have been holed up in this Hamptons house with Blue Ivy over the summer at a 400k per month rental rate. If they like it enough they can purchase it to call their own for a grand total of $43.5 million. The estate, known as the “Sandcastle” is well suited to meet billionaire needs. Across the sprawling 31,000 sq foot property sits the three-level home which features a 10-seat theater with “interactive” seats, a half-pipe, bowling alley, a heated pool with an underwater stereo system and much more. Jigga wasn’t lying earlier this summer – we probably can’t fuck with his daughter’s room.