49. "Insane In The Brain"

Artist: Cypress Hill

Label: Ruffhouse, 1993

I'll get shit for saying this, but I never really liked the imagery or the sound that Cypress went with after the first album. I respect it though, it was pioneering—that's what enabled them to tour like they did and hit new audiences. But when I first heard this and saw the art for Black Sunday and its associated 12"s, I was a bit apprehensive. It felt goth, and I always hated rock-rap collaborations, goth imagery in rap, etc. Rock is rock. Rap is rap. I like both and I like rap that has rock samples in it, but I never like to feel like I'm listening to a 'rock and rap bridging the gap' type of thing. That said, the greatest rap video of all time is Schoolly D's "No More Rock N Roll."