Written by Jian DeLeon (@jiandeleon)

In hip-hop's golden age, you were only as dope as the people you associated with. Pioneering groups like N.W.A and The Juice Crew proved that there was power in numbers. Whether making classic tracks like "The Symphony," or just stepping in the club knowing you were "down with the sound called B.D.P." the importance of the hip-hop crew could never be overstated. And with fresh new collectives like G.O.O.D. Music, MMG and A$AP Mob building more buzz than ever, the hip-hop world is pretty much steady mobbin'. 

Besides coming correct on the mic, many hip-hop crews became known for their ill style—from shell-toes and shearlings to designer suits by Dior Homme. Sometimes, the look was influenced by a particular member—like Big Daddy Kane or Kanye West. Other times, the whole crew nailed a signature look, or epitomized the trends of their time. We ranked the ones whose style stands out the most. Here are the 25 Best Dressed Crews In Hip-Hop History.