You are probably familiar with Four Pins' resident big homie Chris Black. If you are not familiar with Black, then you are probably familiar with his online persona Done To Death. If you are not familiar with Done To Death, then you are probably a dweed, which means you are reading the right website to, at some point in the future, find yourself in a more fortunate spot on flowcharts such as the one just presented. Right, so Black does a variety of things, all of which fall under the umbrella of rad shit. If you live in Manhattan you may have even seen some of his stickers littering downtown, marking various cool establishments you cannot get into. His latest creation? This spiffy Mick Jagger T-shirt. Our older readers will know Mick Jagger as the frontman for popular rock band, The Rolling Stones, which have a surprising 98.3% approval rating amongst Caucasians. Our younger readers will know Mick Jagger as the subject matter of Maroon 5's seminal 2011 hit "If I Keep Comparing Myself To This Guy I'll Definitely Get To Keep Fucking Models. I Mean, I'll Probably Get To Keep Fucking Models Regardless, But Just In Case, You Know?" This particular portrait of Jagger was taken in 1972 during The Rolling Stones American Tour 1972, often referred to as the S.T.P. Tour, or Stones Touring Party. This tour is especially significant due to the fact that The Stones were doing more drugs in a 24 hour span then you and I will ever do in our lifetime. The tour is also widely considered to be the leading cause of Keith Richards' mental retardation. I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to end up seeing this tee all over New York, from cooling in the back room at Cafe Select, to getting turnt in a booth at Goldbar, to making out with Miley Cyrus in the basement of La Esquina. Black is only doing a limited number of these—a number I will keep to myself because what's the point in spoiling all the fun? Just know there are less Jagger T-shirts then there are original Pokémon. Buy this tee so Black can procure marijuana for his very serious condition of wanting to get stoned.