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If anyone ever tells you you can't rock Bape with a suit without looking foolish, point them to Motofumi Kogi, aka "Poggy," and tell them to eat something that's highly inappropriate to eat. The United Arrows buyer is featured in Guerrisms latest "Gentlemen of Style" video series that documents three different looks in three days and he straight up kills the game. In his first, and arguably best ensemble (we haven't checked with the judges table yet), Poggy is decked the fuck out in all Bape errthang, complete with the brogues to match. The guy is just dripping nasty, filthy sauce and it's only his first outfit, kinda like if the hottest chick you've ever been with is the same one who took your V card. When it's all said and done, let's just agree to disagree that the Japanese are not to be messed with when it comes to all this style shit.