Summer is coming to an end and we're not fucking around. Your favorite page of Complex Magazine is now coming to you in online form. The Complex 40 is where we share 20 things we're big-upping right now, and 20 things we can't stand—say it with us: Props Over Here, Fuck Outta Here. Check out this week's ups and downs below.

Props Over Here

1. Big Sean getting everyone's respect after five years of grinding
2. Still carrying around actual books instead of an e-reader
3. Any story involving R. Kelly's general insanity.
4. Leaving work early 'cause your stomach tat reads "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME"
5. Turning boat shoes into house slippers for the season
6. Prop bets on NFL games
7. The faith-in-humanity affirming clean-up job the NYSD did after the West Indian Day Parade
8. Fall TV show premieres
9. Customizing your sneakers instead of copping new ones
10. Still getting laid even though you got kind of fat
11. The nostalgia that the BAPE x Street Fighter II collaboration gives us
12. Getting married via Twitter
13. Awards season movies (you know, the actually good, artistic kind)
14. Girls who write "xo" at the end of emails
15. Camo Stefan Janoski SBs
16. Clicking NSFW links at work
17. Actually winning your money back on a sports bet
18. Earth, Wind & Fire's "September"
19. Being proud of the things people criticize you for
20. MLB's new wild card

F**k Outta Here

1. Menswear bloggers who tweet "Rise and Grind"
2. Wasted plus ones
3. Monday nights without Stevie J on TV
4. Rapping about Mitt Romney
5. The fact that you can't really throw people into pools anymore because of cell phones
6. Watching football with someone who cares too much about their fantasy league
7. Cocktails "on draft"
8. Relaxing after you get put on
9. Creepy dog-shaped bootleg Louis Vuitton bags
10. Find my iPhone not finding my iPhone
11. Asking "Is Instagram down?" when it clearly is

12. Getting dumped via Twitter
13. Fashion shows starting on time
14. Terrible, throw-in twist endings
15. Hating on babies or animals
16. Personal fundraising emails
17. That t-t-t-t-too much c-c-c-c-coffee feeling
18. Talking about money in public
19. When your favorite show falls off and becomes horrendous
20. Blaming Twitter drama on being "hacked"