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Yo, how sick are these boots? Yeah I know, you already have a pair of wheat Timbs, but c’mon dude, these are Yuketen monkey boots. What does the fact that they’re made by Yuketen tell you? It tells you that they’re gonna be real nice, come with sick dust bags (always really crucial) and, oh yeah, cost you your first born. But, that being said, you’ll have the sickest boots on the block. Although they are made in Canada, which is weird. I mean, how many things do we own that are made in Canada? Maybe more than we realize, but, yeah, making fun of Canada is one of my favorite things ever. Have you had poutine? You know what’s even better than actually eating poutine? Making dirty jokes about eating poutine. Tres Bien’s got the Yuketen boots, but no poutine.