This Tellason coverall jacket comes in a 13 oz. denim that's dyed a real rugged tobacco. And it has pockets for days—mo pockets, less problems. Newspaper pockets are the fucking bee’s knees despite the fact that no one reads newspapers anymore. And a big, ol' get the fuck all the way the fuck outta here to you pretentious bastards who just thought, “Well, I still read the New York Times and Wall Street Journal!” WHY DON’T YOU READ THE DIGITAL VERSIONS? DO YOU HATE MOTHER EARTH? JOIN THE REST OF US IN THE FUTURE, BRO. I guess you could stuff mad e-readers or whatever those things are called into your pockets. That works too. Imagine how crazy this would look underneath your peak lapel overcoat. Layer game like layer cake. I know that makes no sense, but doesn't it sound cool? Blackbird has it for $220.