In case you missed our interview with Claudia from Bravo's new show Gallery Girls, we're giving you an opportunity to meet another one of the gallerinas. We asked Liz Margulies, who works at Eli Klein Gallery in the show, to share her 10 favorite artists with us, and she delivered with artworks that are all in her dad's collection. From Rosenquist and Murakami to other names you may have not heard of, her list is solid. Here's what she has to say about her choices:

"The very essence of art is what you feel toward an object. Certain people might feel a particular way about a piece, while others react differently. How you receive a painting in your own mind is based on your personality and both internal and external experiences. Sometimes, you don't even know why, because the internal experiences are buried in your subconscious. You might not be able to pinpoint why you like a work of art; sometimes you just like it. That's how I feel about most of these artists' works." 

Liz From Bravo's Gallery Girls Shares Her 10 Favorite Artists Of All Time