MA.STRUM just released this 3/4 length parka and it is chock full of details. Two-way zippers, micro-faille fabric, waist and hood cinches and storm cuffs make this parka suitable for hunting wolves in Alaska. Or ill stunting on photogs in Florence where it’s like, really only 45 degrees in the winter for those of you keeping score at home. But yo, this parka even has a special pocket on the wrist for your smart phone. Its plastic window lets you use the touchscreen without having to take it out of the pocket! SUPER FUTURISTIC ASTRONAUT SHIT. And it has a beaver fur lined hood. I mean, there’s so many beaver jokes to make here that I’m actually paralyzed by all the options. I’ll just say you can get this jacket direct from MA.STRUM. Leave your own beaver jokes in the comments.