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J. Lindeberg killed it for Spring/Summer 2013. Seriously, these dudes have been crushing it. Soft neutrals reign supreme for JL, with the loudest color being a solitary orange nylon perfecto. Sidenote, how many times have you read the word "microtrend" yet? Not a lot? THEN YOU’RE NOT READING ENOUGH COLLECTION REVIEWS. Evidently, orange is one such microtrend all the experts are spotting for the upcoming seasons. All I know is J. Lindeberg’s collection is like how you imagined yourself dressing when you were in the last few years of college and just starting out on your career path. Still not getting it? Okay, how about, it’s like if Tintin were an American kid who just got out of Northwestern’s journalism school and moved to Brooklyn (he’d rather be in the LES, but c’mon, rent is ridiculous right now). It all translates to is an easy to wear, easy to transition, casual sportswear collection that will marry well with all those goddamn snapbacks and floral print shirts you’ve been buying lately. Whoever at J. Lindeberg had the genius idea to stop hiding all the ill shit in Sweden and finally bring it to the states deserves a fucking promotion and some extra vacation time. It's about time they decided to bless us with that new god flow.

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