There's no denying that many of us look up to the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen, whether or not that's a little tired (read: exhausted) at this point. In keeping with factual accuracy, because we're so 'bout it, 'bout it here at Four Pins, he didn't only pull off classic American sportswear as many of us tend to believe. In one of his most iconic photos of all time, McQueen can be seen casually chilling on a boat rocking an Aran sweater generally being all McQueen-y and shit. Ever since this photo made the rounds over the years, there's been a slow burning infatuation with Aran sweaters culminating with Drake's of London's truly legit Aran sweater featured in their new F/W 12 collection. Originally worn by Irish fishermen, Drake's version is knitted using merino wool and a cashmere blend, meaning it's fly as fuck and will set you back roughly $478—we're talking Hollywood monies.