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Goruck makes backpacks for people who really love backpacks. Super tough materials (I could say the technical names for everything and the manufacturing techniques used, but it’s kind of like Pilates in that we don’t really give a fuck how it does what it does or why, we’re just happy girls are wearing yoga pants all over the place) and slick, sensible design make these bags heavyweight contenders in the "super expensive backpack, so expensive in fact, I question your actual need for an actual backpack why not just get a servant" category despite their pricepoint being nowhere near some other competitors out there. The new Radio Ruck is a day pack size, so it's perfect for running errands and carrying those novels you pretend to read at the park, but instead you're just staring at chick's asses in yoga pants. (Callback!) Buy this pack and tell people your job is to test the security levels of corporations and shit. They hire you to try and break in and steal sensitive information. Corporate espionage is so fucking cool, man. Buy your spy gear at Context for $265.