UNIONMADE had Scott & Charters make up a grip of sick sweaters. These crew necks are the souped-up version of that gray crewneck sweatshirt you’ve been wearing for the past three years in your best attempt to imitate Steve McQueen. Forget that boring jersey fabric, these are 100% lambswool with raglan sleeves and a saddle shoulder. What’s a saddle shoulder? All you need to know is that it’s something that impresses people who pay attention to tiny details. Everyone else will just be really into how soft your new sweater is. I really need to know who comes up with these color names though. Uh, "diesel," "rhapsody," "heliotrope"? These are the names of three of my crazy ass guard dogs I am going to breed to protect my drug lord compound. Go ahead and try to take me down. Heliotrope only eats once a week, so he has a taste for human.