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You can’t ever have enough chunky cardigans in your life. Your curmudgeon attitude points go up exponentially for every chunky cardigan you have in your closet. Also, they have to have pockets because where else are you going to keep all those balled up tissues and early bird special membership cards? This particular cardigan by Oliver Spencer and is called the "Bloomsbury"—very English, very 50+, very angry. How do you guys think they come up with the names for particular clothing items? I have no fucking idea, but imagine a bunch of design interns mulling over the choice between calling a pair of jeans the “Vince” cut or the “Blake” cut. Real tough, life-altering decisions are being made out here people. You know you can’t just say it’s a "cardigan." A CARDIGAN WITHOUT A NAME IS NOT A CARDIGAN AT ALL. Get the Bloomsbury for $330.