The Internet you say? What is that? If you lived in the middle of nowhere during the ‘90s your only source of fashion news was MTV’s House of Style. No blogs, no social media, just a weekly time slot on the good old tube. The show's producers had the bright idea of putting music together with fashion, and the show took off, going on a 13 year run from 1989 to 2002. Well, to the delight of many and as we reported two weeks ago, the show is coming back.

If you didn’t have cable or a TV back then—yes, we know your parents stressed education—and need a little refresher course before the show makes its epic return, MTV’s got your back. The network packs its commemorative documentary, House of Style: Music, Models, and MTV, with 22 minutes of highlights from the show's remarkable run. Catch a glimpse of a brown-haired Karl Lagerfeld, a young Anna Wintour, and how some of today’s models, designers, and bloggers were inspired by the show. House of Style is set to return October 9, 2012.