Since it's the middle of August we're not going to actually tell you to go spend money on a new beach towel because that would be irresponsible. What we are going to tell you is that your bathroom is fucking disgusting and you need to class that shit up with the quickness. That's where these new towels from Saturdays come in. Above all else, the Saturdays guys are designers in the traditional sense more so than the menswear sense, which is really a sincere compliment no matter how backhanded it may have read. From their signature slash to a somehow not corny version of Supreme's iconic box logo, the Saturdays dudes know how to whip up a spiffy graphic. And it was only a matter of time before they started throwing said graphics on a bunch of towels. Buy one of them for $55 and toss that shit on your towel rack. Maybe even actually use it to dry yourself off, it doesn't really matter because, heads up, your bathroom just became a motherfucking surf lodge in Montauk even though you live in a studio apartment right above a Brother Jimmy's in Murray Hill. There has never been a more stylish reason to keep putting off cleaning the stray pubes on your toilet.

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