Sunpocket is the original folding sunglasses company, but that has not stopped them form innovating. (A cute way of simply creating more styles for you to spend your money on.) The Tonga is one of two new designs, the first in 30 years, that the company has released so maybe it is more impressive than we are making it sound, sorry. Based on a classic wayfarer silhouette, the Tonga is a very solid frame if you find yourself currently looking for a new pair of stunnas. Now just practice smoothly folding them up and putting them in your breast pocket as you walk into a fancy bar. It’s gotta be effortless or else it’s not worth it. Haven’t you heard about being “effortlessly stylish” or “quiet style”? These empty aphorisms shall come to define you as a young style god. Effortlessly click on over and check out the rest of Sunpocket’s wares.