What's good LOCHTE NATION?! It's your boi, Daytona Beach's finest, aka Reezy, aka The Lochtenator, aka The Lochte Ness Monster. Can I get a #JEAH in here? So I was shining my five medals in the Olympic Village over the weekend and I saw my style icon Russell Westbrook. I gave him daps for his sick style advice, and he said I should dish some out too.

So of course I would love to drop some of my fashion knowledge for the fans. I know they wanna shine as hard as my shoes do. If you wanna live that rockstar lifestyle, you gotta look the part. So before my workout video, Lochte Hard-CORE, drops in a couple weeks, I wanna impart some very important style tips to LOCHTE NATION. Here's Ryan Lochte's Guide To Looking Like An Olympic Douchebag*.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a parody, so it's a work of fiction, duh.