Whoa. I just said that like Big Sean did in that horrible song right after Kanye says, “So cool she gives head with her shades on.” (Which‘Ye, I think actually means she’s emotionally distant and not 'cool.' Although I guess depending on the type of lady you’re looking for, maybe she is so cool you call her Miles Davis. But cool in, like, that kind of weird intimidating way. The way that girl at Oberlin who liked Ani Difranco and shaved her head but not her armpits scared me and at the same time as intrigued me.) I have to say I like this shirt. I’m gonna wear it into an Hermes store and buy NOTHING BECAUSE I CAN’T AFFORD THAT SHIT. SERIOUSLY, ARE THE HORSES REALLY UNICORNS? ARE THEY ACTUALLY ORANGE? Buy the T-shirt here and make a million of your own rap related jokes while typing in your credit card information.