It's strange that no one thought of this idea sooner. Robert Wainblat started his street style blog Campus Sartorialist as a student at Duke University in an effort to document the stylish students running around campus. For this project to work Wainblat formed a network of contributors and photographers from 39 different schools and is continually expanding, even to international borders. The idea is to capture as many different styles as possible from all corners of campus life. "The purpose of the site is to reward students who take a little time in the morning to think about how they present themselves and to have a visual repository of style as it evolves on campuses." It's kind of genius, right? Kind of like The Sartorialist for young adults.

In fact it may be too much like Mr. Schuman's creation since Wainblat incorporates the same name in his blog, and that's where he might run into some legal trouble down the road. Schuman recently contacted him asking for the blog's name to be changed citing trademark infringement. He said while he "commends their entrepreneurial spirit and think the idea is great," they didn't need to use his name "to continue to be successful." I'm sure Wainblat didn't expect his blog to gain as much exposure as it did, but I'll have to agree with Scottie boy here. If the site gets bigger it'll probably lead to some confusion down the line between the two. Just change the name and continue stunting on your collegiate brethren. Read more about it over at The Daily Beast.