Jeff Staple and his crew at Staple Design recently released a new lookbook entitled “Farewell My Summer Love,” shot by William Yan. The shoot took place on a rooftop with an inflatable pool, which, surprisingly, is like, exactly how I envisioned NYC rooftops when I was in high school. I should also mention that every time I’m on a New York City roof all I want to do is run and jump to the next building like in all the action movies, but I know I would die trying to jump any gaps and then my last words would be a drunken “Shit is about to get real,” and me making the sound effect of a cocked pistol. So instead of fantasizing about chasing bad guys on rooftops, fantasize about attractive women wearing cool T-shirts playing in water because, let’s be honest, we’re probably more likely to actually catch a bank robber than hang out with models on rooftops.