If you haven’t heard of Garrett Leight yet you need to flip that rock over from which you’ve been living under. My man GL is straight up lapping the nonexistent menswear eyewear circuit right now. These Brooks 47 Leopard Tortoise sunglasses are probably the rarest of glasses out right now. Like, when’s the last time you saw a leopard and tortoise hybrid? I didn’t even know those things existed. This animal isn’t even recognized by the WWF and I only have to pay $290 for these pieces of history? WHAT A DEAL! I respect the shit out of Garrett Leight’s game right here. What’s the number one way to say fuck you to your parents Larry and Cindy Leight? Make better glasses than they do over at Oliver People’s by finding extremely rare and exotic animals. Fuck you, mom and dad! And fuck Brussels sprouts!

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