Engineered Garments done did it again for S/S 2013. I mean, it’s one thing for whatever other online laymen you follow to get excited for a new collections, but it’s something completely different for us jaded assholes over here at Four Pins. From what I can make out, there’s some amazing heritage inspired pieces in here with great detailing on the jackets—the same kinda shit EG crushes season after season after season. I guess there are some navy’s and neutrals as well? It's kind of hard to tell when everything is in black and white, but It’s EG so expect quality product at a decent. And awesome resale value on the eBay machine whenever you're ready to move on. Do yourself a favor next summer and grab the anorak, it will stand up way better to the elements than those $7 umbrellas you buy from that guy on the corner outside your office every time it rains.